Beyond Bedside Manner

This first-ever book devoted to patient experience
  • Discover Over 50 Unique Insights to Improving Patient Experience
  • Change the Way You View Your Medical Practice
  • Learn from Expert Advice Drawn from All Fields of Customer   Service
  • Join the Medical Movement Focused on Treating Patients Better Inside and Out of the Exam Room
  • Use Time-Tested Principles Developed Across 30 Years of Working with Medical Practices

It’s time to go BEYOND Bedside Manner.

Why is it that some businesses nail the customer experience, while others miss it completely?
Every medical practice has a patient experience. The problem is that most of them are less than desireable...from the patient's point of view.
In the past, good bedside manner meant you were nice to your patients. While being nice is still important, it is no longer enough. You and your staff can be very nice, and a patient can still leave dissatisfied.

The COVID crisis has created the opportunity for every practice to improve their patient experience.  Now is the time for doctors and their teams to re-examine how they do what they do everyday.  
Beyond Bedside Manner gives you the insights to help patients feel truly cared for and appreciative. This leads to stronger doctor-patient relationships, with greater trust and acceptance of your recommendations.

Discovering the Insights

The insights in Beyond Bedside Manner are organized into one of the six key value drivers in the modern medical practice. 
 What business are you in?
Does your environment work for or against you?
What do patients really want?
How do you build awareness that’s sustainable?
Who is on your team?
Where do fees fit in the decision-making process?


Vance Thompson, MD

​​​​​​​Sioux Falls, SD
“What you are teaching in your book and your writings is what all practices need to go to the next level.”

B. Joseph Pine II & James H. Gilmore

Authors of The Experience Economy
“Beyond Bedside Manner offers a wonderful portfolio of ideas to help you create experiential value beyond measure.”

Brian Hass, MD

West Palm Beach, FL
"Shareef Mahdavi not only introduces the concepts, but presents a simplified, easy to follow playbook towards customer service/practice excellence for both the practitioner and their staff."

Peter Sneed, MD

Traverse City, MI
"Beyond Bedside Manner will be much valued by both physicians and patients and the timing of these words is opportune for a world searching for direction and answers.”

Stephen Wilmarth, MD

Sacramento, CA​​​​​​​
"Beyond Bedside Manner is a pleasure to read with insights of great value to physicians. Interested in better patient care while enhancing revenue? This is the book for you.”

Chip Conley

Boutique Hotelier, Strategic Advisor to AirBnB and New York Times 
best-selling author ​​​​​​​
"Beyond Bedside Manner is a much-needed resource to help doctors bring the world of hospitality into their practices. Treating patients like guests is good for business and good for the soul."

John R. DiJulius III

Customer Service Expert and
Best-Selling Author
"Beyond Bedside Manner should be every medical practice’s bible.”

Richard L Lindstrom, MD

Minneapolis, MN
“Shareef Mahdavi is my favorite guru in the never-ending challenge to provide a Ritz Carlton experience for our patients in an era of Motel 6 reimbursement.”

Mary P Lupo, MD 

New Orleans, LA
"Beyond Bedside Manner will be much valued by both physicians and patients and the timing of these words is opportune for a world searching for direction and answers.”

Aaron Waite, MD

Salt Lake City, UT​​​​​​​
"Having put into place many of the recommended practices as outlined, I know firsthand that they work.  It has made all the difference for my patients, my staff and the way I practice."

Brad Calobrace, MD

Louisville, KY
"Beyond Bedside Manner provides a thorough outline of the things that matter in changing the culture in each of our practices, all in one quick read.  For anyone wanting to do it better but not sure how to make it happen, this book is a MUST!"

Roy Rubinfeld, MD

Washington, DC​​​​​​​
"The effect on my practice has been indescribably positive. I love my work and my team is harmonious and happy.”

Who Am I, and Why Should You Be Listening to Me?

My name is Shareef Mahdavi. Over the past 30 years, I have dedicated my career to improving the patient experience;
  •   Led marketing launch for the world’s #1 elective surgical procedure:  LASIK
  • Consulted with well over 1,000 physicians across mutliple medical specialties
  • Advisor on product launches to more than 50 medical companies nationwide
  • Widely published author with over a hundred articles and publications 
  • Speaker on customer experience at US and international medical conferences
  • Recipient of the Experience Management Award (EMA), awarded for excellence and leadership in customer experience

Who This Book is For



Front-line Staff (technicians, nurses, front desk)

Medical Sales Reps

Medical School Faculty and Students

Medical Industry Thought Leaders

Practice Management Consultants

Practice Development Reps

Ways to Go BEYOND

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