Give Your Team an Author Experience

Take a deeper dive into Beyond Bedside Manner with a virtual or in-person workshop with author Shareef Mahdavi

Give Your Team an Author Experience

Beyond Bedside Manner author, Shareef Mahdavi, is available to join your team via a Zoom session! Gather your team and schedule a live talk and discussion with the author to take a deeper dive into the Patient Experience. This is a great experience for smaller groups and larger teams who are looking to engage with Shareef and discuss how they can be part of the movement to give patients what they expect (and what they deserve) from the healthcare industry.

Bringing a new "PX" mindset to your group starts with selecting one of the options below:

Author Experience


Hardcover Edition

Author Engagement

Great For

Small Group


Up to 15 copies

Up to 30 minutes for a talk and discussion

Residency programs
Book clubs
Small groups

Medium Group


Up to 20 copies

Up to 45 minutes for a talk and discussion

Medical practices
Marketing teams
Practice Development teams

Large Group


Up to 40 copies 

Up to 80 minutes for a talk and discussion

Keynote presentations for professional society, sales conference, or entire organization


John R. DiJulius III

Bestselling author The Relationship Economy: Building Stronger Customer Connections in the Digital Age
"Beyond Bedside Manner should be every medical practice’s bible.”

Stephen Wilmarth, MD

Sacramento, CA​​​​​​​
"Beyond Bedside Manner  is a pleasure to read with insights of great value to physicians. Interested in better patient care while enhancing revenue? This is the book for you.”

Mary P Lupo, MD 

New Orleans, LA
"Beyond Bedside Manner will be much valued by both physicians and patients and the timing of these words is opportune for a world searching for direction and answers.”

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