Healthcare is Failing in Customer Satisfaction

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The success of your practice depends on your commitment to five-star patient experience. This is the business book for medical practices. Armed with the insights in these pages, doctors, nurses, clinicians, and staff can start to treat patients as customers and learn how to make the patient experience a part of their culture. Prioritizing the patient experience leads to higher revenues, happier patients, and a more fulfilled internal team.

Beyond Bedside Manner will rekindle the joy of owning an independent practice.

Beyond Bedside Manner is Getting Rave Reviews on Amazon

Who Am I, and Why Should You Be Listening to Me?

My name is Shareef Mahdavi. Over the past 30 years, I have dedicated my career to improving the patient experience.
  •   Led marketing launch for the world’s #1 elective surgical procedure:  LASIK
  • Consulted with well over 1,000 physicians across mutliple medical specialties
  • Advisor on product launches to more than 50 medical companies nationwide
  • Widely published author with over a hundred articles and publications 
  • Speaker on customer experience at US and international medical conferences
  • Recipient of the Experience Management Award (EMA), awarded for excellence and leadership in customer experience

Don’t Pour More Money into Marketing


Build a Successful Practice by Rethinking Your Patient Experience

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What Happens When You Rethink the Patient Experience?

The Key to Growing & Sustaining Your Practice is Making Patient Experience Your Differentiator.

It's not about low price, fast tech, or years on the job. The number one thing that will set your practice apart is quality patient experience. Don't settle for the status quo. Be at the forefront of this patient experience movement in healthcare.

Craig Bindi, MD - Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley 

Learn the insights developed from decades of working with doctors and their teams. Take the time to find how to build the modern practice by creating a memorable patient experience that will exceed expectations.

This First-Ever Book Devoted to Patient Experience

  • Discover Over 50 Unique Insights to Improving Patient Experience
  • Change the Way You View Your Medical Practice
  • Learn from Expert Advice Drawn from All Fields of Customer   Service
  • Join the Medical Movement Focused on Treating Patients Better Inside and Out of the Exam Room
  • Use Time-Tested Principles Developed Across 30 Years of Working with Medical Practices

Discovering the Insights

The insights in Beyond Bedside Manner are organized into one of the six key value drivers in the modern medical practice. 
 What business are you in?
Does your environment work for or against you?
What do patients really want?
How do you build awareness that’s sustainable?
Who is on your team?
Where do fees fit in the decision-making process?

Your Simple Guide to Practice Sustainability

57 Insights

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Reinvigorate your team by getting them on board with improving patient experience.

Who Should Read This Book



Front-line Staff (technicians, nurses, front desk)

Medical Sales Reps

Medical School Faculty and Students

Medical Industry Thought Leaders

Practice Management Consultants

Practice Development Reps

Patient Experience is Impacting Practices

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Feeling like you’re ready to give up? 


The greatest danger in medical practices today is the status quo. Because of declining revenues and price stagnation, inaction will inevitably lead to loss of control of your practice. If you do not change, eventually you will either go out of business or give up your entrepreneurial spirit and be acquired by a medical conglomerate. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

You can change the trajectory of your practice by focusing on patient experience as a driver for sustainability!

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