Beyond Bedside Manner:

Special Custom Edition

What costs less than a white elephant gift but could change patient experience in America?

Beyond Bedside Manner: Special Custom Edition for hospitals!

The Beyond Bedside Manner Special Custom Edition for your referral network, professional organization, or hospital. With a minimum order, you can add a 200-word introductory message to your book.  Providing a custom edition to valued referral sources, colleagues and employees demonstrates your commitment to the patient experience. With a quote on the front cover and a special introduction page, you can now offer something that reinforces your "brand" and image while providing a valuable learning resource for each recipient. 

Pricing: 250 Copies:                      $7,200
Each additional 50 copies:          $1,400

Think we’re kidding? 

Your hospital has a vested interest in improving patient care. What better way to encourage that end than by offering staff an endorsed copy of Shareef Mahdavi’s Beyond Bedside Manner: Special Custom Edition?

By customizing Beyond Bedside Manner with your hospital’s name on the cover and a personal forward inside, you will: 
  • Show support for your staff
  • Encourage better patient care 
  • Reinforce your standing as a thought leader
  • Focus staff on patient experience
  • Drive cultural change by improving hospitality ​​​​
The sooner you order, the sooner your hospital can contribute to providing better information and support to staff (not to mention advancing your profession with improved patient care by applying the methods outlined in the book)! 

Don't order the mindless “thoughtful” gift you give at every staff holiday party. Invite your staff to become part of the PX Movement at your hospital. 2020 has been a rough year. Show your staff that next year will be better because it will be the year of the patient!

Take a look at what professionals are saying about Beyond Bedside Manner.

"Having put into place many of the recommended practices as outlined, I know firsthand that they work.  It has made all the difference for my patients, my staff and the way I practice.”      

-Aaron Waite, MD, Salt Lake City, UT

"Beyond Bedside Manner provides a thorough outline of the things that matter in changing the culture in each of our practices, all in one quick read.  For anyone wanting to do it better but not sure how to make it happen, this book is a MUST!" 

-Brad Calobrace, MD, Louisville, KY

Imagine your hospital giving Beyond Bedside Manner with a unique quote on the cover to staff, infusing hospitality into their routines and increasing its credibility in return!

Here’s how it works:

  • Visit
  • Place your order of 250 copies or more of our Special Custom Edition 
  • Lead time:  4-6 weeks from time of order. Order now to get delivery in time for the holiday season!  Direct delivery available to each recipient.
Once you place your order, a form will be sent to guide you in writing your quote and forward, as well as instructions on completing the process.

Thank your staff and demonstrate your commitment to the patient experience by distributing copies to the people who drive your organization!

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